Hello, Boss Bitch me

Smells have the power to evoke memories of people, moments and things.

My favourite perfume reminds me of sleep-in days, warm rays of sunshine on my face on a cold wintry morning, and the comforting smell of freshly laundered clothes. It smells like happy days spent lounging around in bed, the smell of caramelised apple pancakes on the stove drifting through the window on a lazy Sunday morning.

Another one smells like a refreshing stroll through the wintry Jeju pine forest that I accidentally stumbled upon when I wandered off the beaten path of a hiking trail. The air was crisp, cool, and slightly misty, with traces of the spicy scent of adventure and the musky smell of excitement.

Scents have the power to change a person too.

A delicately soft floral scent reminds me of the disappointment and anger of a well-intentioned celebratory meal. Think public meltdown (not mine), hotheaded tears (also not mine), and broken things. It’s the smell I wear when I want to be remember how to be a bitch. It’s the cloud I envelope myself with when I grow soft and need to relearn how to harden my heart. It toughens me up, helps me build walls, and gives me the courage to cut toxic people out of my life.

It’s not just what I want, but what I need right now. Hello, Boss Bitch me. Welcome back. You’ve been missed. I hope you stay for a bit.


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