Chance Encounters

This is my brother – not by birth, but by chance. And I think we’ve weaved quite an incredible story together – a story even the Moirae would be proud of.

Had sixteen year old me given in to my fears and not taken up a part-time sales job way outside of my comfort zone; had we not taken the exact same shifts over the few weeks I worked; had we not sparked the conversation by commenting on the single piece of used tissue paper thrown by a stranger into a clear acrylic flyer holder neither wanted to touch; had we not embarked on a chance journey to Admiralty which sparked a chance conversation about tuition centres revealing that years ago, I went to one run by his mother; had we not realised our mothers were friends and spoke sometimes; had we not discovered that we shared so many common values and traits that make our conversations so bare-your-soul raw and brain-picking,

We would perhaps not be friends today.

I can’t alight at Pioneer without seeing old spectres – young and stupid and evidently too free, we used to let the throw of a dice decide where we were going that day. Lachesis may have dictated how the dice landed, but who made the decision to throw the dice?

Put two Type-As together and you get a supermassive black hole of productivity and structure. Tie them together with the threads of fate and you get the start of a beautiful lifelong journey. Give them a dice and they will throw it – choosing to let fate choose, choosing to weave their entangled threads into a breathtaking tapestry.

Yes, this person is my brother – not by birth, but by chance. And now, by choice too.


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